• High Reliability

    Excellent design , High Quality Material

  • Seamless Installation

    super high flatness


4k HD Small Pixel Pitch Led Display
Easily splicing 2K/4K/8K Screen
Full front service
Simple installation , hanging /stacking / mounted on wall
90 degree setup supported

HD Seamless Performance

Led wall without gap, not like LCD/DLP, presents the glorious video effect



Hub Pin Connection

Hub pin connection between Led module & cabinet, makes it much more stable to bring the vivid pictures


 90 Deg. Rectangular Splicing

Besides normal setup as background led wall, 

90degree creative seamless installation supported



Slim And Lightweight

A single cabinet weights only 6kg and is only 54mm thick, greatly reducing the load on the wall.

       反面 俯侧

Front Service , Effortless Service

All cabinet components are accessible from the front with the magnetic tool supplied to ensure efficient maintenance.



Multiple Installation Supported

Wall mounted, stacking, hanging application


img-14img-06.    img-07

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